Creating a Simple Command

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  1. Thank you! very helpful!
  2. Thank you for this thread. I'm sure it will be very useful to a lot of people getting to know how to use Spigot.
  3. Thank you for this tutorial !
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  4. +1
  5. Tutorials are Nice ^^
  6. this is a very good tutorial and is very basic and user friendly
  7. Excellent work on creating a laid out tutorial for people who don't know how to create a simple command.
    Very well explained and detailed
    *Thumbs Up*
  8. This could be done using skript, however it's a good tutorial for beginners.
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  9. pls dont tell people to learn skript on a java thread.
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  10. I'm not, I'm just saying it would be easier on skript. That's all.

    : ) Sorry for confusion.
  11. Thanks!
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  12. Very nice tutorial.

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