Creating an alias for a command from a existing plugin (Eclipse)

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    I recently started using Eclipse to create my own plugins. I was wondering if you could make an alias for a command from a existing plugin. For example:

    If you execute /tutorial it executes /vote wich belongs to an other plugin. I used following code but it did not work so far:

    << See: uploaded file >>

    I found nothing on the internet that explains this issue so thats why I created this new tread.
    Hope to get some help soon :)

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  2. There is nothing in your code about either tutorial or vote. Please show us your attempt at doing what you ecplained.
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    @MiniDigger Thanks MiniDigger, I will try that!

    @Rocoty the /tutorial and /vote are just examples. What I am really trying to do is that if you type /pb kit revolver it will convert it to /shot get python to get a weapon from crackshot.

    I already figured out that the (args.lenght == 1) has to be (args.length == 2). But still, it does not work...
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    Thanks, I figured out how to do it: