Creating cauldron server?

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  1. Hello friends (I do not know what section of the forum to publish so I post it here)
    Well it turns out that I have to host a series of mods to a youtuber, and I am totally disoriented in everything that is Cauldron, I would like to know if they could solve some of my doubts:

    Doubt 1: I have seen some tutorials that what they do to install the cauldron server is everything from a graphical interface, and I the server I have to install from a terminal of linux (ubuntu) something that I do not completely understand, could you explain to me how to install A server cauldron in a linux ends?

    Doubt 2: Are spigot plugins compatible with cauldron? Or bukkit soil?
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  2. for starters you wont get much help since this is a SPIGOT forum, most people who lurk here generally just run vanilla servers on either bukkit/craftbukkit/spigot etc so you will be better off in the future looking for help from forge community forums or general minecraft forums,but i have had some experience with cauldron from command line so ill give you a bit of info and just recommend looking at a different forum for help,

    Cauldron depending where you download it from is pretty much just a zip file or archive that has your server jar and the library files it requires, so all you really need to do is just wget that archive and extract it to the directory you wish to run the server from.

    about the installing thing, theres a few different types of cauldron you may have seen if you have googled around, the only 2 ive really had experience with/used or know much about is "cauldron" which is the main normal one and "thermos" which to the best of my knowledge is a better performing version of thermos and works on a newer forge version, the builds online i see for it are upto the latest 1.7.10 forge release which is #1614 cauldron i believe is running many many versions behind that, thing you must remember is that all of these projects are abandoned and no longer supported by any development teams that i am aware of.

    if you want to take a look at them i normally get the files from yives purely coz im lazy and i can just wget from it
    Theres an archive link for cauldron versions HERE
    Theres an archive link for thermos versions HERE

    but as far as actually installing it from command line it would pretty much be as simple as this if you are on an ubuntu/debian like system altho would prolly work on others just as easily,

    this would install thermos 1.7.10-1614-57

    Code (Text):
    mkdir cauldron-server
    makes the server directory
    Code (Text):
    cd cauldron-server
    changes into that directory
    Code (Text):
    downloads the archive file (change the link of course
    Code (Text):
    extracts the contents, if it doesnt work and says zip isnt a command you would just run
    Code (Text):
    apt-get install zip
    ignore that if you already had zip
    then just try running the thermos jar
    Code (Text):
    java -jar Thermos-1.7.10-1614-57-server.jar
    should start loading as simple as that, obviously you would put your bukkit plugins in your plugins folder and your mods in your mods folder

    and yes, cauldron runs stuff that uses the bukkit api so things like spigot plugins will most likely work fine as long as you use the version of the plugin thats designed for the version of minecraft you want to use.

    in my opinion unless you need a modpack from an older version that doesnt get updates, id recommend steering clear of cauldron and even just old minecraft versions in general if you can avoid them since you will get very very little support if stuff breaks or doesnt work as intended

    if you do need a newer version which cauldron most definately does not support, id recommend looking into sponge, its a plugin loader that runs with forge so you can run plugins compiled for the sponge api with your forge servers, unfortunately it does not run bukkit stuff, and it hasnt been possible since 1.7.10 to the best of my knowledge but sponge still has a decent amount of plugins for most needs, and the number of plugins is growing as the project gets more popular and devs start forking and supporting it

    hope this helped, if you need more help you can pm me or look on forge forums where u will likely get people who know way more about this sorta thing