1.15.2 Creating Custom Event

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  1. Hello im fairly new to java and coding on spigot and was wondering how i could code my scenario i was planning on doing

    Scenario: I want players to have to kill a certain mob to then be able to pursue deeper into the map ( have barrier blocks deleted somehow or have something stop the players from moving forward without completing their objective) after they are done they have to hit this other mob in which a scoreboard will pop open and each hit someone inflicts gives them 100 points for their faction with first too 5000 points wins a closed off area where they are rewarded and only they are able to enter.

    would this be possible I'm hoping to learn all the code i can do accomplish something like this but was unable to find any tutorials that might help me in making this
  2. "fairly new to java", yet you're exploring the advanced dungeon.
    There are tons of YouTubers with tutorials on how to create Spigot Minecraft Plugins, I'd recommend watching {TheSourceCode}'s basic or advanced bukkit series.

    Besides that, next time you ask a question, especially a big question like this one.
    Provide code of what you have already done, and what exactly you've already tried.
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  3. From this post, this class seems to be working. Take a look at it and adapt it if needed.