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  1. Hello! I am currently creating custom coded websites for all server owners. All server websites will be created in a day to as much as a week. Each website costs roughly around $5-$10. If you are interested just reply to me or send me a private message.

    Some examples I have created are
    Again if you are interested either private-message me or just reply to the thread!
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  2. Hi there. I think that this is a good idea, but I think your prices are too high. You are just using google sites, as well as what looks like a template for the home page. Personally, I would say that it's not worth it. I'm trying to say this in a polite way.

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  3. BGHDDevelopment


    First not the place to post this

    plus both websites don't have forums (takes to same url for both sites for each servers) so seems like a scam
  4. I think those are rats.
    Also, why the double post?
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  5. Mhm I agree... takes to the same place, as you stated.

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  6. Not RATs lol... they redirect to google sites that he "custom coded"...

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  7. #1 Prices were lowered
    #2 Please explain these sites I "googled" and why they are not worth it

    If you want proof on how I code and host the websites I can show you via private messages
  8. What he means by "Google Sites" is that you used Google Sites to create most of the pages. It looks like you used a template for the index pages of each site, and then created the other pages quickly using Google Sites. They don't even have any navigations bars at the top, and the fonts on the index pages do not match.