Creating empty world

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  1. How do generate a emtpy world?

    I cant see to make things work
  2. Thx @Absentee23
  3. But with programming
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  5. To modify worlds's generator settings, I would recommend these methods:

    Code (Text):
    1. Open up your server-properties file
    2. Set generator-settings to 2;0;1;
    3. Set level-type to FLAT
    4. Delete old world if already generated and start your server (a server reload won't work)
    Code (Text):
    WorldCreator wc = new WorldCreator("nameOfWorld");



    Why use this method instead of others?
    - You don't need any plugins or pregenerated worlds to use this.
    - The world won't generate terrain at all, it's 100% air.
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  6. You bump an old thread just to say whats already been said?
  7. I'm not finished yet
  8. Andre_601


    Sorry to open up this very old thread, but I'm struggling with creating a void world in 1.14, if that's still possible...
    Would I need to set generator-settings=2;0;1 like in the above answer, or would I need to change this to something else?
  9. the old method no longer works for 1.13+.I believe there are already several threads in this sub forum with the same issue that show how to generate an empty world via chunk generators and world creator.