Solved Creating multiple effects in one potion

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by xXSquidMcXx, May 4, 2017.

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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering how I'd go about giving a user a potion/splash potion e.g. Strength but it also has fire resistance or speed etc on it?

  2. Is it for say all splash potions of speed or a specific one that u would get threw shop or commands
  3. You can use essentials commands for it
  4. A command to give it
  5. I would make sure to add a specific name or lore to the item when I give it to the player so when they throw it u can check it with splash potion event or whatever it is called and then get the player and just add a potion effect to him it's called .add potion effect I think

    That's if u want to code tho if not there is a command to make complex potions but idk it
  6. Could you tell me the command, specifically?
  7. /give <player> 373 1 effect:speed power:2 duration:60 effect:strength power:2 duration:60

    This would be a drinking potion but has speed 2 and strength 2 that lasts for 60 seconds. You can add as many potion effects as you want but you might have to add it with console or use an alias to make a long command.

    This is with essentials.

    Hope this helped ;)
  8. Did that, just came up as a "Water Bottle".
  9. Yes, but when you drink it, it will give effects
  10. Thank you!
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