Creating The Hardcore++ plugin? (Started)

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  1. NOTE: I've decided that if this thread makes 50 votes and above i am starting to work on the project, and it'll will be a PREMIUM RESOURCE!
    any support will be gladly helpful and don't forget to always vote YES.
    Officially Started the plugin, now this project is officially been started.
    Answer to @undead_guppy, best of luck <3 i am not racing anyone because theres no reason to.
    we can both make separate versions of the plugin and each one of us will live from them.

    So, you've heard this from before, my plans for a brand new crazy plugin is ongoing and i want to be sure if anyone would like to take a try from it or at least tell me if it's worth making?

    The plugin will be based on possibilities and chances with mobs, attacks, upgrades and much much more.
    features that could be in it:
    - Class choice (means there'll be system to add classes with Java classes or possibly choosing a class from classes i already made).
    - Class upgrade system (means that there's tons of choices working it out, like for example, choosing if it is automatic or it is coins systemed [paying for upgrade]).
    - More new mobs (including ideas from Terraria [don't ask why ;)]).
    - New mobs AI (new system for mobs to act and to work).
    - Nightmare overall nights (means that there are possibilities/chances for hardcorer nights more then the current weight of the difficulty).
    - New Items with the same Minecraft Texture (might be adding instant installation or choice installation for those items to create new Textures).
    - Difficulty changer (probably will be in the settings files [for who doesn't understand... .yml files]).
    - Particle Effects (Main problem is Libraries... but i can deal with it).
    - Roles or Ranks for your work (possibility will be able to disable in settings files).
    - Ideas that you have and that could impress me will be added in here and surely will be posted as well if i release the kind of plugin.
    Added Ideas:
    - Genetics forms (you can take genetic powers from animals just like Advanced Genetics Mod).
    - new Materials ingame (with the same texture or might be changed in the future).

    - Is this plugin worth price? or being free is its place?
    - Will you support in any way?
    - Will you buy/download it? and not just fake me here?
    - Will you support me in any away if i need help with the codes?
    - Do you want to test the plugin before you buy/download it in a testing server of mine?

    Favor for me:
    Answer honestly and Kindly, i know my english isn't 10/10 but at least i love being what i am :)
    And please, i beg you, tell me if it's worth price or not, because i am in the needing of money right now (through its shouldn't bother you :p).
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  2. DanielNaaman


    Sounds like an awesome idea!
    I wish you the great of luck :)
    I wouldn't mind helping with tests and i believe that if you give it enough time then it could easily be a premium resource, approximately six or seven buxs.
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  3. thank you Dan ;) giving me pushups here ;) and yeah sure i hope you could help with the code, of course you are great at this :p
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  4. from what i can understand, its somewhat generic mega walls like minigame. However, I am sure that your programming skills combined with good game design can make it successful. Good luck ;)
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  5. Its exactly like you said, just outta the game, more like changeable, more configurable and more durable due to good skills, in good terms its even possible to run the class reader that i am planning to run on.
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  6. sounds awesome, and I have tons of ideas for your plugin just message me on skype and ill share them if you are interested
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  7. Thank you Tobies, once you contact me in skype and you share the ideas and i get impressed, i'll surely link our convestion on here
  8. NacOJerk


    Cool idea
    How about u make custom looking mobs :?
    I have "heard" that some API (maby the one in the plugin in my signature idk) allows u to do that
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  9. xD @NacOJerk, i am being honest with you it could work out some how but i dont wanna use any API expect creating my own one... the whole idea is making new mobs with new special abilities and new special changes.
  10. NacOJerk


    Dats dumb use an already existing one :p
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  11. i know but its a based idea since i can change attack damage, powers, Drops, new items new Craftings new ideas and all of it is changeable, worth some *MONEY* no?
  12. That sounds so good.
  13. Vote to make your voice being heard❤️
  14. Sounds fantastic, but .. what makes it "official", is it funded by Microsoft/Mojang, or with help from the Spigot staff and comes as an add-on feature to their official download? Or just because you think it's the best out there, making it the official one? Not trying to be a pain, just wondering what makes it 'official'
  15. The Name; i use the name for the first time, although everyone can make this plugin aswell for free or not for free and have the same idea or just the name, i just keep it official because its the first. its not OFFICIALLY official if i am being honest, but it is gonna be the first ;)

    By The Way, why did you make your vote to No? i know its your personal thoughts but i would like to know why?
  16. For the first time? I have a few plugins on my system called hardcore, hardmode, hardmode+ and hardcore+ .. But sure, you're the first hardcore plugin. super original with the plus at the end.. And the answer of no, is for the reasons some others have posted here, plus I personally rather see the existing ones extend what they have and devs working together than yet another hardcore plugin to try and hope support continues, etc.
  17. Sounds cool, but I stalked you for a few minutes and I have to say you don't seem like the best candidate for programming this. That being said, I wish you luck, and I'd be happy to help you along the way if you need it.
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  18. alright, i am being honest this is your opinion and i respect it all the way.
  19. Stalked? what do you mean? i am not saying that i am SUPER SKILLED but i am quite, i cannot tell if i am or not, i got 2 years Experience in java and i can say, i can make something that looks like the plugin, and no one has the skills for everything, i know how to make based component ideas but i dont know how to work out with Exceptions 100% well, no one's perfect, and my work on spigot isn't that high because i am more around skype Discord and TeamSpeak3.
  20. For your question, i removed the "Official" from the thread title, i am still getting vibes of hate from you but still, everyone and their opinion
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