Creative and Survival perms.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Logan12345, May 3, 2017.

  1. Hello!

    I'm having a issue with permissions, specifically gamemode perms.

    Could someone resolve this?

    The server has 22 plugins:
    WorldEdit, CustomUnknownCommand, ChestCommands, CombatLog, Essentials, KitPvP, GroupManager, EssentialsChat, ClearLag, ChatControl, AdvancedBan, NoPluginList, CommandAliases, ViaVersion, (Confidential Plugin, i have checked and this plugin is not causing the issue.), CustomJoin, Multiverse-Core, Corereport, WorldGuard, ProtocolLib, CustomTab, HolographicDisplays.
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  2. Please give us more information. What isn't working? What is the content of your permission file?
  3. If the you talk about Permission of Essentials:
    - essentials.gamemode
    - essentials.gamemode.other
    While for default permissions:
    - bukkit.command.gamemode
  4. Like @Igel_Borstel said, more info is necessary. What is the problem you are running into? Are you getting any error messages? Post your groups.yml and global_groups.yml (or whatever it is exactly, you get the point). Also, what is the point of having a "confidential" plugin? If it's a custom plugin, no one will be able to download it and you could just say "MyCustomPlugin (This one's custom)." I'm sorry. That was a little harsh. Guess I'm just curious as to what you'd wanna hide. Anyway, just be sure to post the aforementioned stuff so the Spigot community can help!
  5. As everyone's said, we need more info. What do you mean when you tell us that there's an issue? That the player doesn't have permission? Also, nobody cares about your plugins, so there's no need to make a bright red notice just to hide it (no offense intended, just thought you should know).