Creative plots server issues.

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  1. Hi,

    Many people are placing holograms with some sort of hacked client and also handing out people books that has a 'button' in the book and makes you execute a certain command.

    So my question is, is there any way to prevent this from happening. Any sort of plugin?
    Currently running version: [​IMG]

    Hope someone has a solution for this, thanks!
  2. First:
    What client are they using
    How could people place out holograms without the permission of doing such
  3. No idea what client, jigsaw as far I know. And they just can, it's a thing. I guess armour stands.
  4. Upgrade to 1.12. This fixes the book exploit. What Permissions Plugin do you have?
  5. Not able to. And the hologram thing?
  6. Can you upload a Pic of these holograms?
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  7. U need an plugin which blocks nbt, there are tons of things:
    U could also prevent this with a custon inventory system, which moves them into a mode with fly/no damage etc. but not into creative, but yet have a list of useable blocks (also a nice way to disable other abuses).
  8. Don't really think that's a good thing for a creative server.
    Would be very annoying for my community.
  9. Why would it be annoying? U see no difference unlike a slight different gui, which is even better sorted? could also help. is also recommended to use to protect yourself by several hack client creators (user above posted a fork of it, I'd use a own version though since u run 1.8.8)
  10. Thank you, trying that :)
  11. Why do you have a creative 1.8 server? :unsure:
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  12. Also why can't you upgrade, or just don't want to? I suppose you do need this...
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