Creative world and Survival world on same server

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  1. I'm trying to find a plugin that allows me to have a creative server separate from that of the survival world. It needs to have separate inventories. I've tried Multiverse Core paired with Multiverse Inventory but it causes all overworld portals to go the same nether portal and vise versa.
  2. Multiverse would allow you to create separate worlds within your single server
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  3. The safest way is to use bungeecord
  4. I know Multiverse works for the worlds, but it breaks nether portals. I'm attempting to have (world, world_nether, and world_the_end) as the survival server but the nether portals don't work for those because they all go to a single portal in either the overworld or the nether. I then want to have a server that is just a creative overworld.
  5. You can enable and disable portals with multiverse, if you choose the enable them for the normal world and then disable them for the Creative world there shouldn't be any issues.
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  6. You need Multiverse-NetherPortals. That will solve your problem.
  7. I have done that and the portals have not changed.
  8. I already had Multiverse-NetherPortals installed. It was the first thing I tried after I noticed the problem.
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    Shadow isn't wrong. It'll run faster anyways, it might not be the greatest idea to have a full on survival server where god knows what could go on with a sorta-light creative server. If you get a mini VPS it'll probably be the same cost as what your paying for hosting currently and you'd be able to setup a small network.
    It's not the most practical idea to have two different gamemodes in one world.
  10. That should work. Do you end up in the correct world for both directions of travel? If so, then I think you should check the coordinate conversions and the portal search used by Vanilla Minecraft. I think you'll find it's working as intended. See