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  1. do you have a test server so i can test the plugin out?
  2. Yes sure..i'll send you in PM...IP of my server <3
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  3. Hi, can you explain how this works?
    # You can set a list of commands to run as if the player had executed the command.
    # These commands will execute on every gamemode change, including changes where the creative game rule is not involved
    # "[]" is an empty list
    # You can use the following replacement tokens:
    # {player} - The player name
    # {uuid} - The player UUID
    # {from} - The previos game mode name. Example: SURVIVAL, CREATIVE, ADVENTURE, SPECTATOR
    # {to} - The new game mode name.
    # {from-id} - The previous game mode ID. Example: 0, 1, 2, 3 for survival, creative, adventure and spectator, respectively.
    # {to-id} - The new game mode ID.
    run-as-player: []
    I want to prevent staff using gm2 and gm3
    maybe provide an example?
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  4. Yeah sure...
    That thing works on gamemode-change that is what command to execute when player change gamemode there is 4 diffrent options
    Execute command as player
    Execute command as console
    Add temp permission which means player will have certain permisison only while is in that gamemode
    and also command + permission combination...
    ..and there is available variables ..params..that you can use

    example you can example use those for exmaple adding message to player that player transfer from {from} to {to} gamemode and infinity things like that what ever you can thing of to create..

    Yes there are many ways to prevent staff from using gm2 and gm3 with this plugin..example one is by setting command execute on joining these executing command to automatically turn it into survival or any other replacement gamemode

    or you can also do it on this way.. (You can block commands in All gamamodes, in None, in all except creative and also specific gamemode)

    # Blocked commands in any mode different from creative mode
    non-creative: []

    # Blocked commands in other specific mods. Only creative mode has a "non-" key
    survival: []
    adventure: []
    spectator: []

    But listen to me, ability to use adventure gamemode and spectator is permission thing...and in this case i suppose you are using Essentials..thats great CreativeSecurity works perfect with it..but when you are OP you have all permissions you know that, OP is useful but thats why OP is only for suggestion is to better create permission system then giving OP to anyone for bypassing..i can help you with that..and player who is not OP is not available to switch to gamemode 2 (adventure) and gamemode 3 (spectator) without permission..
    Do you use any custom commands plugin..maybe consider trying free plugin SimpleAlias you can create your own custom commands permissions, sell, delay,and buch other things...i have 4000 custom commands created on my server with 1 plugin..even have that thing what are you is for you example how to create it with CustomCommand with me on PM for more help..i will help you to have everything you wish on server

    # This section contains all general settings for the alias
    # Remove the '#' before a setting (for example 'Enabled_Worlds') to enable it
    Description: No description set
    Executable_As_Console: true
    Enabled: false
    Min_Params: 0
    Max_Params: 0
    Message: '&c/&egm1'
    Type: COMMAND
    Priority: 0
    Translate_Color_Codes: false
    Command: gm 3
    Executor: SENDER
    Grant_Permission: true
    Execution_Order: ExecuteCommand
    Enabled: true
    Node: SimpleAlias.use.gm3
    Message: '&cYou don't have permission for t his command'
    Enabled: false
    Cancel_On_Move: false
    Duration: 10
    Message: '&6The alias execution will commence in &e<remaining_time>&6.'
    Cancel_Message: '&4The alias execution request was cancelled!'
    Enabled: false
    Duration: 180
    Message: '&eYou must wait <remaining_time> before executing this command again'
    Enabled: false
    Amount: 40.0
    Message: '&eYou don't have enough money for it, the price is &2<cost_amount> &c$'
    Enabled: false
    Message: <alias> was executed by <player_name>

    if you example want to block command in certain region or allow it in certain region to be like real life
    Example that you can type /bank only in bank, that you can type certain commands only at certain place..or that is blocked in certain place..and you can get all diffrent translatable messages what place get when try to type certain command..and also there is bypass permissions for all command and permissions for certain commands to bypass..with my other plugin ..

    I'll contact you on PM to help you right now..
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  5. Hi, i have a issue with this plugin. on my server i have Survival world and Skyblock. the 2 worlds have separate inventorys. Now if you are in GM1 in Skyblock and go to the Survival world the items u had in skyblock come with you to Survival. to fix the issue they have to go back info GM1 and go to Skyblock. This issue only became a thing after i had purchased and installed this plugin.

    Plugins (80): AdvancedMultiLanguage, Announcer, AreaShop, ASkyBlock, AuctionHouse, AutoRestart, Barrels, BottledExp, ChestShop, Citizens, ClearLag, CommandNPC, CommandSpy, CoreProtect, CratesPlus, CrazyEnchantments, CreativeSecurity, CS-CoreLib, DeathMessagesPrime, DecoHeads, dynmap, EditableSign, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, EpicRename, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsSpawn, ExoticGarden, FakeLogin, GriefPrevention, HolographicDisplays, HolographicExtension, iDisguise, iDisguiseGui, MassiveCore, mcMMO, mcMMOAction, McMMOExtras, MobArena, MobHunting, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Inventories, Multiverse-NetherPortals, Multiverse-Portals, MultiWorldMoney, MyPet, OneTimeUse, OpenInv, PermissionsEx, PlaceholderAPI, PlayerParticles, PlayerVaults, PlugMan, ProtocolLib, pvparena, RainbowArmour, RandomTeleport, Rankup, Sentinel, ServerListPlus, ServerSigns, Shopkeepers, SilkSpawners, SkyblockOres, Slimefun, SlimefunLuckyBlocks, SlimeXpansion, SuperLobby, TreeAssist, Vault, ViaBackwards, ViaVersion, Votifier, VotingPlugin, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, WorldGuardExtraFlags, XrayInformer
  6. Hi, just wanted to tell you that is not caused by CreativeSecurity..its caused by one of your plugins probably multiverse because its work like that with inventories..the reason why is that started to happening to you after you add plugin is probably because this plugin have affect on Different Gamemodes..and its well known issue that multiverse are causing issue with any creative plugins..same was for me 2 years ago when i was using CreativeControl plugin when i go duel it gives item from duel or bug the gamemode..i remember i fixed for myself with command execute on region leave..maybe you should try with executing switching command on leaving the description and config you will see what you are able to do with plugin..

    There is infinity possibilites what you can do with this plugins
    You can even set 20 diffrents gamemodes
    10 for survivals, 10 for creative
    you can even use this plugin for separated inventories (even much better then multiverse, not causing issues, and its fully async..keep best server performance)

    How can you use this for separated world inventories? - You execute command on world leave to switch player on example survival inventory 2..and he will have totally new/separated inventory..and after he go back to other world you can again switch back to that inventory..if you don't know how to do it..i can help you everything you need with your me on PM

    by the way one CMI plugin could replace more then 10 plugins from your list

    Commandspy,EpicRename,ClearLag,Announcer,FakeLogin,OneTimeUse,rankup,openinv,silkspawners, serverlistplus, RandomTeleport, editablesign ...all those features of these 12 plugins CMI plugin have even better..if you need help with server i can help you get minimal plugins with all features even more then you have now...i converted 350 plugins feature into 70 plugins, my TPS always 20

    One wierd thing on spigot is that i don't get notification when someone post in disscusion thread..but i look every 1-2 don't worry..but for extra fast support contact me on PM..i'm available 24/7 for you guys
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