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Set your player's join message!

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    Creeper MOTD - Set your player's join message!

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    Medic 1.11.2

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  3. Could it be possible to have a setting to disable it setting the server info message. I would only like to use this join message for the players. Other than that particular change, the plugin is great.
  4. I could try :D
  5. It would also be nice if we could change it to a multi-line MOTD, while in-game/console. Instead of editing the config file. If there is a way to do this, I haven't been able to as it always changes the config file back to single quotes instead of double.

    Edit: Think you could disregard my previous post about the server info vs join message. It would be nice to have, but don't think its that important. Having the ability to create a multi-line motd while in-game I think would be more helpful, so not having to restart/reload the server to make the change.

    Either way its a great plugin so far, and will be using it shortly. Having the ability to create single-line messages on-the-fly is better than nothing.
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  6. I have been looking around a bit, and seems there are MANY other MOTD plugins that were made from Pogostick's tutorial that allow you to set the Server MOTD and In-Game MOTD separately. I am just reaching out to give some ideas/suggestions that I believe would make your plugin surpass the others.
    • Set Server/In-Game MOTD independently
    • Color Code support
    • Ability to set multi-line from command in-game
    Again just my "two cents", take it as you see fit.