Creepers not damaging blocks

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have this weird problem on my server where creepers do explode, and damage the player, but the blocks are not damaged. I want them to be damaged though, and I can't figure out what plugin is causing this. I already checked WorldGuard, Towny and Essentials, but couldn't find anything in the config that disabled creeper block damage. If you have an idea what might be causing this, it would be highly appreciated if you'd tell me! :D

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  2. Can you attach essentials and worldguard config. It's probably one of them
  3. I'm pretty sure the issue is
    Code (Text):
     # Maximum height the creeper should explode. -1 allows them to explode everywhere.
      # Set prevent.creeper-explosion to true, if you want to disable creeper explosions.
        max-height: -1
    I think -1 isn't the default.
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    creeper-explosion: true
    creeper-playerdamage: true
    creeper-blockdamage: true
  5. Pretty sure it is: -1 allows them to explode everywhere
  6. Changed it, but it didn't work. It's not what is causing it. I don't think Essentials nor Worldguard is disabling creeper block damage.
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    I'd assume you reloaded essentials?
  8. Yes I did.
  9. Obviously, it was ALSO blocking creeper damage...

    Please make sure these are set to FALSE in your essentials config:
    creeper-explosion: true
    creeper-playerdamage: true
    creeper-blockdamage: true
  10. They are.
  11. Check the doMobGriefing gamerule, one time I turned that off setting up a server and forgot to turn it back on :p
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  12. I can't remember ever turning this off, but for some reason it was! Thank you so much!!! :D

    ✔ Problem solved ✔
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  14. Sorry to bring this topic back up but Im also having the same problem. I have set the gamerule to true, essentials is all configured as described above as well as worldguard. Yet creepers do no damage to players or blocks. Spent hours trying to get this to work complexly baffled.

    I dont have any plugins that could visibly be the issue, other than factions, however I have configured this to allow for all possible situations that may be blocking creepers.

    Just to note, TNT works fine.

    EDIT: just to say, setting gamerule mobGriefing to true yields a tiny explosion that does no damage. Changing mobGriefing to anything else positive (1,yes,on) for example (i know these are wrong) yields a huge, tnt size explosion that also does no damage. Other than that still no progress in figuring this one :(
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  15. Weird.. Let me think..