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  1. So, i have a minecraft server, and is not a bungee
    so, the problem is, that, if am am online, and someone, with a name like mine

    For example - My Name - R3kt0r
    - Attacker Name - R3kt0R or another name with a caps letter,

    He is manuadded to the rank that i am, and if i ban that name, i am banning myself too, and if i am trying to kick him, i am kicking myself too, and he is able to use all permissions of that rank,
    If i am kicking him from console, when relog, i am logged out to, and when i login , he is logged in too
    Crazy thing,
    WHAT CAN I DO >? Fast please !!
  2. Choco


    Do capitals even make a difference in Minecraft? I thought you couldn't have the same characters in your name, (excluding capitalization)?

    Regardless, banning should ban their UUID. If you ban the name "R3kt0R", if what you're informing us is true, it should in theory add 2 names to the banned-players.json containing the UUID's of the offended. Just edit the banned.json to contain his UUID and not your own. Unless I'm mistaken, that should work
  3. Not only this, but if you use multicraft, go into the Players panel, and find his ip. then do /banip <ip>
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  4. Choco


    Minecraft's variation of the command is /ban-ip is it not?
  5. If essentials, /ban-ip or /banip works.
    If no essentials, /ban-ip is default
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  6. Tux


    Well, what did you expect from using offline mode?!?

    It's a security risk, you should accept the consequences.
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  7. We don't support offline servers. What can you do? Put your server online and buy minecraft. End of discussion. Its your own problem not ours.