Cross-Server chat plugin with several requirements

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  1. Hi there,

    I've been looking at many plugins to implement as a 'Chat' plugin for my bungeecord network of servers.

    So far I haven't been able to find a plugin that meets all of my requirements, but perhaps I did not find the right one yet.

    What I need is a chat plugin that is capable of:

    - Having a global chat (a chat that is displayed in all the servers at the same time)
    - That the global chat can be used with a command such as ! + message or /g message
    - That it has support for Towny/TownyChat in order to be able to display town names-prefixes and keep the /tc, /nc towny has.

    In my opinion, this shouldn't be 'too much requirements' to fulfill, however so far I only found:

    DeluxeChat: Has everything mentioned above, but you need to write /gtoggle first, then write, then /gtoggle to send 1 global message as you need to switch between local and global.

    BungeeChat: Has the possibility to write in global with !hello or /g Hello, but does not have TownyChat support.

    Do you know of any others that have proper towny support and is able to write in global chat with a command + message instead of having to switch everytime?

    It doesnt matter if its a premium plugin, as long as it works.

  2. dwi


    Have you tried VentureChat?
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  3. Yes I did, but since it has no proper wiki or info of how to use the placerholderapi with towny, I did not succeed very much.
  4. I think its a option inside the DeluxeChat to add bungee chat(?)
  5. Tried venturechat once again and it works great after many tries :)

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