1.8.8 Cross Version Question

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by CrazyTaco, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. Is there any sort of way (using ViaVersion or in my own code) to make it so a 1.14 block (such as a stripped log) could show to players using a 1.14 client as such but to players using a 1.8 client just a normal log - all while using a 1.8 Spigot?

    I've looked into this loads, and gone through the entire ViaVersion config to no avail.

    Any help is very appreciated!
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  2. I think you can use ProtocolSupport for that
  3. not with viaversion, because viaversion goes forward. you start at 1.8 and allow everything after. so the 1.14 blocks dont exist. you need to start at a 1.14 server and go backwards. which i think is what protocolsupport does as mentioned above. theres also viabackwards and viarewind, made by the same dude as viaversion. not sure if those meet your requirements tho
  4. I can't use a 1.14 Spigot due to the nature of the network. But, would it be possible to sort of "fool" the 1.14 client

    For instance,

    if there was log placed by a 1.8 player named "Stripped Log", it would display as a normal log. But if a 1.14 user saw it, it would actually be a stripped log. Since there's no special properties for that log, it can co-exist in both versions. The only difference is what the client sees

    Is this possible?
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  5. no not possible. the server doesnt have knowledge of the 1.14 blocks, so is unable to properly send packets pertaining to blocks it doesnt know of. some things might be possible, like maybe some blocks COULD work, if you're able to send a 1.8 block packet with a 1.14 id, but i doubt it. you could create the 1.14 packet yourself (i would think anyway) and simulate how 1.14 does it.. but not sure if that'd work
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