Cross-World Command Conflict

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  1. So I run a survival and creative server using Plotsquared and Towny. For those of you who know Plotsquared and Towny, you may also know that they both use the "/plot" command and the alias "/p".

    What I would just loooove to do is completely disable Towny from accepting commands from the creative world, and to disable Creative from accepting commands in the survival world. Right now you have to use the alias "/p" for Plotsquared commands and "/plot" for Towny, which is less than ideal, obviously. If you use the wrong command, Towny will give you a "you're not in a plot" error and same with Plotsquared. Per world permissions is not a solution to this issue due to the fact that the command is still being read specifically by one plugin or the other and will simply give you an "insufficient permissions" error instead.

    So if there's any way to stop a plugin from reading commands in certain world, please let me know. I'm at my wit's end with this issue. :p
  2. Use bungeecord, would be and easy fix imo probably be better performing server wise too
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  3. While that does present a feasible solution, our server operates on a tight budget (no donor system) and I would prefer to keep it to only one central server with multiple worlds for that reason.
  4. well, if you have to use that method you could maybe try something like this

    and limit the plugins you want to being per world, you can probably disable the commands using world guard but ive never tried this on a per world basis purely because it was always more convenient to just bungeecord things aha

    You can also alias commands using things like the bukkit config for commands and stuff