Solved CrossServerMessaging

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  1. SOLVED.
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  2. I recommend you using SocketAPI: fast, efficient, lightweight, secure
  3. Explain how it is 'fast, efficient, and secure'...
  4. Don't get off topic.
  5. Fast: all messages are directly sent without any delay, good performances
    Efficient: with only a few lines, you can do many things
    Secure: the whole communication is encrypted with RSA public/private keys and the API provides methods for encrypting/decrypting with DES

  6. Nice shameless self advertising. Your plugin doesn't fit his needs.
  7. whats the problem with it? does it have an error or something?
  8. It doesn't do anything. No errors or anything.
  9. You could try and work with Channels, that way I am doing it and it works perfect
  10. Please do NOT remove your initial question, if it's solved, because readers in the future would like to know what was your exact question.
  11. Hahahaha, no. I paid $5 for the code that was there, if they want it, they can PM me.