Bungee - Spigot Crowbar / Wrench [HCF ALTERNATIVE] 5.2.3

Easily pickup spawners with this tool!

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    Crowbar / Wrench [HCF ALTERNATIVE] - Easily pickup spawners with this tool!

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  2. Looks like an amazing plugin!
  3. Thank you , I'm glad to hear that ^_^
  4. Guys if you want some messages changed like other colors , feel free to say I will do that for you ^^
  5. Thank you so much young man I'm happy you like'em <3
  6. Has it customizable messages?
  7. Exactly there is no messages?
  8. If you have some ideas feel free to tell'em ^^
  9. I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong.... but when my players use the crowbar on a spawner and place the spawner, it just spawns pigs. It may still say 'Zombie Spawner' but when it is placed back down.. it still spawns pigs :(
  10. Are you using plugin called silk spawners?
  11. I am not :(

    Edit: Also, my server is 1.10

  12. It might be conflict with 1.10 :3
  13. Aww okay :( I shall patiently wait for the update :) Not a huge priority! :D

    Thank you!

  14. I still don't get whats wrong, may I get your plugin list and does player get any message when placing spawner?
  15. My issue is that when players place the spawners that were harvested with the crowbar, it's still a pig spawner regardless of what it is named.

    My server is using 1.10. It was working back when I had 1.9.4, when I first installed the plugin, which was the version right before the latest update. No error messages are visible in my console.

    Plugins are:
    Jobs Reborn
    Red Protect
    Infernal Mobs

  16. I will try to decompile with 1.10 spigot version but I can't guarantee that will work :/