Bungee - Spigot Crowbar / Wrench [HCF ALTERNATIVE] 5.2.3

Easily pickup spawners with this tool!

  1. When I mine spawners with this plugin they turn back to pig spawners when placed.

    Using silkspawners and 1.10+

    Does your plugin need to change the lore of the picked up spawner? I think that may be part of the issue, but idk.
  2. Plugin doesn't support 1.10 version :/
  3. I have a problem with the plugin, this is installed but not run correctly
    In what ways could get in touch with you to tell you the problem?
    It is compatible with 1.8.x?
    Thanks so much,
  4. It should be compatible with 1.8 , are there any errors when trying to start server?
  5. No message appears when you start the server, but exactly the folder of the plugin isn't created
  6. Whenever plugin doesn't want to load it says in console the error, thats how Spigot works.
    Are you using craftbukkit or spigot?
  7. I see the console and appears the next error

    I'm using craftbukkit be so wrong?
  8. Why dont you use spigot? It is same just better performance etc..?
  9. Okay, i installed the plugin with spigot but the error appears again
    The plugin's folder isn't created
  10. Send me the latest log with starting server with my plugin.
  11. This is the log

  12. Its not working for me. When I crowbar a spawner and place it, it turns into just a pig spawner.
  13. Wish this could be updated for 1.9.x versions. :/
  14. You need 1.9.x compatibility?
    Because I'm not coding anymore & I gave up from Minecraft and started doing school for real...
  15. Hey, what about the shop? Were you can buy crowbars, whats the id?
  16. Shop is not implement , only from commands. If you use HCF server you can trade with villagers (Use ShopKeepers)
  17. Can you buy a crowbar?
  18. Project still being updated?