Spigot CrystalChest [LITE EDITION][ Discontinued] 1.3

Chest to be unlocked by keys. Yields configurable rewards. Great for factions or survival.

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    CrystalChest - Chest to be unlocked by keys. Yields configurable rewards.

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  2. There's another plugin by this name
  3. Could you make these key-halves obtainable from certain mobs? With a configurable drop rate?

    It'd be cool if you could customize a special mob like choosing a skeleton with armor and naming it "Key Guardian" or something
  4. Loads up but no commands are shown. no unknown error no console error. As a guy that played RS maxed out etc. i would love to use this X)
  5. Yup, I plan on adding this :)
  6. I've never come across it. Could you send me a link to it, please?
  7. looked for that aswell and on both spigot and bukkit(that really matter) aswell as curse no direct results. only result 2 times are bukkit(this plugin) and spigot(this forum and plugin) then a bunch of runescape related searches.
  8. Can you have multiple keys per chest? or multiple diffeent keys for different chests?

    and can you config the key items?
  9. Not entirely sure what you mean by your first two questions, but no. This is not a crates plugin. Yes, you can configure the name and lore on the keys.
  10. Sorry if it didn't make sense,

    1. could you have multiple keys for the chest, set 2 keys to open, or 7 keys to open
    2. could there be multiple crystal chests? with different keys to open them?

    and what happens to the keys after? are they kept or can they be destroyed?

    Name and lore is cool, what about the Item though? like paper, or shovel etc. and if you can change it, is it for each one or all

    crates plugin?
  11. 1. Nope
    2. Nope
    Yes, keys are destroyed upon use. The item is not configurable, although I suppose it could be in the future.
  12. add picture or video ?
  13. As stated in the post, I'm more than happy to add a video of the plugin if someone made one.
  14. I will definitively add this plugin to my prison server when the possibillity to obtain keys from mining blocks get added! (Y) :D

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  15. How can I give one key with the cmd? I wanted to sell keys with tokens and If I put crystalchest give %player%(or the name) full I get an error in the console: https://gyazo.com/f81a582ebdc80ad0f7806f96b2256e11, but if I do this in the game it works good.
    Anyway good plugin! I'm also using your lms plugin :D
  16. Thanks for reporting, I'll take a look.
  17. There is no error for me. Are you sure you reloaded the plugin or restarted your server after initial installation?