CS:GO Rank?

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  1. I noticed that some people on Spigot play CS (Counter Strike). I'm interested in the variety of skill levels :^)

    If you play CS:GO, post your rank!

    I'm Master Guardian Elite.
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  2. Silver 1

    Jk, gold 2 ( ._.)
    Hardcore Pro90 player
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  3. Nova 3.

    Always get teamed up "noobs" who literally so nothing but take tours of the maps... or Russian people who speak to you in their language... So irritating sometimes xD.
  4. Technically sil4, but have a Nova2 Smurf.
  5. I just got deranked from nova1, pretty annoying.. Finding it hard to stay in nova :(
    Probably my 4th or 5th time being deranked from nova1

    If anyone wants to play you can add me on steam, username ConnorEfc.
  6. It's the infamous Silver-Nova hellhole. Once you're on that border, you fucked.
  7. global elite
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  8. Most fucked up rank place, full of smurfs on silver master and gold 1, it gets better towards gold 2-4...
  9. Played a smurf team just now.. got completely destroyed. RIP.
  10. you just know you're f*cked when you check the enemies and 3/5 just have dota2 for 2000 hours and cs:go for 15hours....
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  11. DJC


    Got deranked to silver elite master :p
  12. Nova 2 atm. Need to actually start taking comp srsly. I'm a better surfer than I am at comp. Tier 3 surfer atm with only 2 months of practice.
  13. Silver 1...
  14. silver 2 ;-;
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  15. Yesterday I started as a silver I, won a match an got back up to silver II again and today ranked up to silver III. I don't think I can expect a rank up soon... But silver III is fine ;)