Spigot CS:MC [BETA] 1.13-1.15.2 0.5b

CS:MC changes the whole aspect of Minecraft, with rounds and bombs, guns like in CS:GO!

  1. Anyway I can disable so your not put into game when you join?
    I want players to type a command to join...
  2. Unfortunately you have to create another server for this gamemode and connect players to it throught bungeecord.
  3. Hi tnx for ur great plugin
    I have some question im be glad if u help me :)
    1.how add Grenades to wapons? is it support now?
    2.how switch team between ct and t?
    3.how change gamemodes like Deathmatch?
  4. The easiest way to add Grenades is to remove the config from previous version and install Quality Armory.
    Switching teams isn't possible right now.
    Only main gamemode from CS is supported - there is no deathmatch unfortunately.
  5. No CrackShot?
  6. Unfortunately CrackShot does not support minecraft versions above 1.9. I think Quality Armory works well though.