Spigot CSGO Opener | CratesPlus 1.0

CratesPlus opener of a CSGO like GUI.

  1. Can you add an option to make it slowly slow down?
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  2. Could you please add an option to turn off the sound effect?
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  3. Why not put it directly in CratePlus's plugin?
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  4. How I can use it? :D
  5. Can you add options to change the redstone torch icon?
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  6. How do I make it work with CratesPlus?
  7. just drop it in the plugins folder
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  8. How do I install this, I use server.pro
  9. I have a problem with CSGO opener.
    After the installation, I use /crate opener default CSGO.
    Then at RightClick on any chest appears here this
    And even after installing back to BasicGUI everything is the same. Helps only removing the plugin CSGO opener.
    Version of the plugin 4.4.5
    Minecraft version 1.7.10
  10. Any plans to update it to 1.13? i love this thing but on 1.13 its not working anymore
  11. Please update this plugin