CSS small bug when browsing with mobile

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  1. So this is not intrusive or kinda but it's here :)

    As you can see there is a white part visible, we may fix it changing the z-index (just saying, it's quite difficult with Android..)

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  2. MiniDigger


    This was reported a while ago. It was caused by the latest update. It was broken even more and md fixed it so that it now look like in your image.
  3. I'm not sure.. this is just a thread, the sponsor box is at the bottom

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  4. Ah, ok didn't know :)

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  5. This afternoon (in Italy) I'll try a fix from Windows

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  6. @md_5 can be fixed by z-index with value 2 on
    <aside class="js-sidePanelWrapper sidePanelWrapper  sidePanelWrapper--right" style="position: fixed;">
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  7. Bump @md_5
  8. This bug it's still present after 2 years, sorry for bumping but there's no need to open a new thread
  9. md_5

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    The fix doesn't work
  10. That's really weird, I've tested it again, maybe you can't see it because of caches?
    When I was working with XenForo, every time I had to change a value I had to go to CloudFlare and reset caches, then reload the page using Shift + Reload Icon (Chrome) to finally fetch the new css file[​IMG]