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  1. I am looking for a capture the flag plugin, but I can't find any of what I'm looking for.
    I want two UNEVEN TEAMS
    Team A: 2 Players
    Team B: 6 Players
    The game should also not start till 8 players have joined. There doesn't have to be a game lobby, but I do want a lobby where players wait for the game to get enough players.
    I also want a different kit per each team and I don't want them wasting time to select it. Team A will have a good kit, and therefore there will be only 2 players on it
    I also want lives per player depending on their team. Team A Players should have 3 lives and Team B players should have 1 life.
    I'd also like a 3 second respawn delay, custom maps (that we make on the server), and custom kits (that we make as well).
    If it's possible, I'd like the armor to spawn on the person as well and some messages when the player captures the flag. When a player is carrying a flag, can that person have Slowness I please.

    Is there a plugin like this out there. The most important feature I'd like are the two uneven teams, custom maps, and custom kits.
    Please link me... if so
  2. Continuing the pattern: custom plugin.
  3. I wish I had the money to pay for one, but I sadly don't. Even if I did, I doubt my mom would let me spend it on this...
  4. BUMP
    can i get a HELPFUL reply
  5. I'm sorry, but you're not going to find something this specific unless you make it yourself.
  6. So you have no money to spend, and can't do it yourself. Why would a developer pick this up and give it to you for free, and presumably it will only work for your server (so no real impact to anyone else)?