Spigot [CTSNC] ★ Animated Scoreboard and Tablist, NameTag, Chat, ... ★ [Protocol Hack] [1.8 - 1.12] 11.7

★ Scoreboard, Tablist, NameTag, Chat, 1200+ Placeholders, WorldSupport...! ★

  1. Oh. Thank you anyway. I help my friend own a server and I'm doing all the CTSNC configuration and it's parkour so he wants jumps. Though, I was looking into scoreboards and there's a value named stat.jump that I think could be useful. Would I be able to configure something to get a variable to equal stat.jump?
  2. No there is no CTSNC variable for it at the moment.
  3. You can add a variable to the total number of players online Bungee-server?

    sorry for my english
  4. NOT WORKING 1.11.2! I Installed it then i did "/plugins" then i saw CTSNC I was wondering if you could help me =D

    (Thanks btw)
  5. You need to install TTA and the right modules. Please read the HOLE plugin page before asking for help.
  6. Was wondering is this plugin had support where when I hold tab Itll be like
    [Tab header]
    [deluxetag] [pexprefix] [displayname]
    [tab footer]

    ? :)
  7. Yes. You can set at the moment the pex prefix in front of the player tag which the scoreboard module and the pex variable.
    A full list of variables can you find here: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/ctsnc-variables/
  8. I hate to bother you, really. But I don't see the placeholder I would need. Does this plugin support PlaceholderAPI?
  9. Yes it support PlaceholderAPI. Also the placeholder you wanted: [ctsnc-player-displayname], [permissionsex-group-prefix]
  10. I use CTSNC and the Scoreboard Module with Spigot 1.11.2, and unfortunately the [ctsnc-world-biome] Variable appears to be broken, it always displays "63" instead of a Biome Name. Would be nice if you can fix that as soon as possible :)
    Also, would you mind to change the [ctsnc-world-time] Variable in a Way that it, instead of just displaying a single Number which seems to be completely unrelated to the actual current InGame Time, displays the InGame Time like the Essentials Plugin when you do "/time"? I mean instead of using the Ticks, convert it to the real InGame Time in a XX:XX AM/PM Format. 6000 Ticks would be 12:00 PM or Noon, and 18000 Ticks would be 12:00 AM or Midnight.
    Thanks for reading.
  11. Yeah I switched the biome and sea level variable :oops: Will be fixed in the next update.
    The world time variable is working fine and exactly. I tested it out and it displays on day for example: 10 (10:00 AM)
    Or 24000 ticks = Midnight ;)
  12. Well, thanks for the information I will re-work the variable mechanism :D

    There is no date for release of the next update in fact that the support of CTSNC is paused of unknown time.
    But trust me it will not be that long :p
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  13. Thank you, I'm glad to hear this. Please also change the Time Format as I proposed (include the Minutes) in case nobody else has a Problem with that. If you apply a 12 Hour System instead of a 24 Hour System, don't forget to add AM and PM Letters behind the Numbers :)
  14. I finished the system already :D It is a 20 hour system based on the minecraft daycircle.
    The times will not be exactly like the minecraft day circle in cause of its unregular system.
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  15. Do you mean 24 Hours System based on the Minecraft Daycycle?
    I know how the [ctsnc-world-time] Variable in the current Version of your Plugin works, but what I need is that it shows up in the follwing Format:
    450 Ticks = 06:27
    7698 Ticks = 13:42
    12969 Ticks = 18:58
    22550 Ticks = 04:33
    These are just Examples, I hope you understand what I suggest. Looking forward to an Update! :)
  16. The problem is that you cant calculate it. I would need to set every times, but this means you cant get a real minute.
    The new system work like the following:
    450 Ticks = 00:04
    24000 Ticks = 20:00
    23000 Ticks = 19:16
  17. I don't understand, why can't you calculate it?
    Simpler Dreisatz:
    One Real Life Day = 1140 Minutes
    One Minecraft Day = 24000 Ticks
    This equates to 1 Minecraft Minute = ~21 Ticks (slightly over 1 Real Life Second)
    So if you like to know e.g. what Time 15345 Ticks are, just divide it by 21.0526315789 , then add 360 (=6 Hours, because we know that the Minecraft Clock starts at Six AM), then round up or down the Result, and convert the Amount of Minutes (729+360) into the actual Time (17:59 o'clock).
    I'm not an IT Exptert like you, but I would surmise it can't be that complicated to code an Algorithm for that.
    This might help: https://www.zeiterfassungonline.com/umrechner.html
  18. There might be some arithmetical Flaws, but I think you get what I mean xD
  19. Thanks for the food for thought (Denkanstoß). :p I will revaluate the calculations.
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