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  1. I'm investigating hosting options and I saw very good recommendations for CubedHost, it looks like a perfect fit, however I am concerned about the fair use policy for storage. This is because I have several large worlds, which in total are over 100 GB. Has anyone experienced any sort of limiting due to large worlds? Or would these large worlds fall under their fair use policy?

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. You're better off with asking to the support of CubedHost since we can't judge about that.
  3. Hi there, I do not work for CubedHost, so I am qualified to answer:

    There's no unlimited, and fair use just covers their butt, not yours. Avoid is my professional recommendation as never having hosted with them.

    You came to the right forum :D
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  4. Probably ask them but if they don't say Unmetered SSD storage or anything then it may be limited
  5. Thanks for this, it is certainly strange that a host would not be up front about how much storage space there is, I see mentions of deleting files in their TOS if they feel things are too big, which seems a bit strange to me. I've also contacted their support for clarification, but have yet to hear a reply (didn't help their contact page is broken)
  6. I think you'll find every host offering "unlimited" storage does the same thing.

    Here are two examples:

    BisectHosting: "For Unlimited storage packages, the space you are allocated is based on Fair Usage. We will contact you if you do use an unreasonable amount of space. Very Large dynmaps, logs and backups may be deleted if they take up a considerable amount of space which can potentially cause issues on the node."

    Anvilnode: "Anvilnode provides unmetered SSD storage within fair use. If your server is using unreasonable amounts of storage we will contact you. Very large backups or logs may be deleted if they use a considerable amount of space."
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    If you have 100GB+ of files don't use a normal Minecraft hosting plan. Rent a dedicated server.

    Most hosts have around 400-800GB of actual SSD space from what I've seen, including myself, and when one client uses 100GB it's not fair for the rest. Granted, my plans are cheap unlike CubedHost, but I still doubt they like people using a good portion of their drives unless the person is purchasing a larger plan (8GB+).
  8. then don't offer unlimited .. then be cautious about it and say 'we offer up to 100gb disk storage, excessive usage might require a higher plan', rather than hide behind sales terms.

    The CPU is 100% yours, but if you use it too much it affects others and we suspend you without warning..
    Then how is it mine? :)

    It's simple overselling and sales talk. Don't fall for it, pay the $2 more a month to get a hard limit and some dedicated resources.
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    I don't offer unlimited. Assuming you're replying to me since you specifically mentioned the 100GB part, it's a tiny percent of clients who actually use over 20-50GB of space. If you go to an all you can eat buffet it's obvious the you're gonna get kicked out when you try to stuff 50 burritos down your pants after eating 10 pizzas.

    Hosting has had "marketing" terms ever since server hosting was a thing. Read terms and understand what you're hosting before using it. Paying $2 more isn't going to get him 100GB of dedicated space on a shared hosting plan, he needs dedicated resources that only a dedicated server or large VPS can provide. In my case, every single client that I've contacted about them basically using the majority of disk space has understood that for a $3/GB Minecraft server they don't get dedicated, unlimited disk space. I would guess the only hosts who offer "unlimited disk" without any terms are generally newer to providing hosting services.

    Come on my dude.
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  10. Nah, more a generic comment. I didn't know you were offering hosting.
  11. I should probably clarify my use case.

    I'm setting up a third party archival server, which contains some of these large worlds (from a much larger server that removed them). I anticipate around 10 players maximum and there won't be any significant donations or anything, so a dedi isn't really an option. Obviously, I am aware fair use isn't a ticket to unlimited storage, however I am trying to get an gauge on whether it is worth moving from my current self-hosted box (which is rather laggy due to the brilliance that is NZ internet) to a proper host. I thank all of you for your responses though!
  12. In that case consider going for a host with HDDs, then it will likely be fine to use 100 GB.
  13. Just got a reply from CubedHost
  14. What is that?
    More like a non-reply. They don't say if you can use 100+GB of storage.
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  15. In considering the replies so far ...
    You should be asking yourself if it is reasonable to be running these servers at all? Considering the costs and your own efforts.
    For the sake of 10 players max.
  16. Honestly, I'm not too worried about the cost, this is 100% a fun project of mine - certainly not something that will take off, if I really need too, I don't need to have these worlds, but ideally I would like to have them
  17. I stand by my principles that I don't believe in unlimited this and that internet. What's so wrong with getting a hard limit.
    They offer unlimited, the responsibility of it not affecting their other customers is theirs, not the customer itself: they're paying for unlimited.
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  18. so they didn't tell you how much?
  19. Nope, just a vague non answer
  20. Pretty clear to me then that they aren't the right pick if you have tons of worlds. I have used them before like 5 years ago and they were fine but that's 5 years.


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