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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by pinkpig, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. OLD POST:
    All the reviews I've seen of CubedHost are very old. Has anyone recently used CubedHost (within the last year) and if so, what did you think of it? I'm currently using DeluxeNode and they're good but I'd like to have my server hosted in the US not Europe.

    Please note: Do NOT advertise other hosts on this thread. I am NOT asking how great other hosts are. I solely want to hear recent personal experiences with CubedHost.

    Also, please rate the following (10 stars being the best and zero being the worst):
    - Support
    - Uptime
    - Performance
    - Other..?
    Well.. Seems CubedHost lowered their quality since the good reviews from 10+ months ago.
    Multiple bugs and the server panel doesn't work so I can't manage my server. I emailed them but considering they haven't even responded to my first email I sent 2 days ago it's not looking promising.

    Bugs Include:
    - Support button not showing up where it should.Disabling ad blocker does not fix it.
    - When I purchased one server, it said I have one active one and one pending one in the Services section. It also says I owe money for that second server I didn't order.
    - Server panel doesn't work. I try clicking "Manage Server" and it quickly shows a loading button in the middle of the screen then doesn't do anything.

    I emailed CubedHost at 12 AM two nights ago then contacted Aquatis Hosting around 9 AM or later yesterday (so 9+ hours after emailing CubedHost). Aquatis responded the same day and CubedHost still hasn't. Ironic that the cheaper host has faster support and less buggy site.

    Please Note: I am in no way complaining. I know these things happen. Perhaps I just chose the week to look at their website and all this will change. This review is just to let people know a more updated review of the host.
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  2. Used them once when I was a kid, don’t really remember all except that it was overpriced.
  3. Yeah haha. It is overpriced. However, maybe that means they don't oversell as much as cheaper hosts do. I don't know. Plus I'm curious if the support is good and if the prices are actually worth it or not. I mean, it does come with a dedicated server IP and MySQL database. Not to mention locations to host in the USA (which few hosts support).
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  4. Well, I'll update the post. No longer looking for reviews.
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