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Minecraft Gamemode Idea

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  1. I play Minecraft using the normal Survival game style, but limit myself in gameplay to fully experience the game once again no matter how many times I've played before. A lot of us, once familiar enough with the game, will just skip over what we use to do in the game because we know better and faster ways to achieve our goals...

    I want to re-live my first days of Minecraft when I knew nothing of the game, but once you know the game, you know it and can never go back on it of course. So the next best thing is limiting your gameplay. For example, when I start a new game, I won't allow myself to break any tree and that alone greatly limits you to survive the first night. So instead, I rush to build up a dirt cave or a small dirt structure of some sort. In caves, using your fists to remove stone can prove quite challenging as it takes forever to do.

    However, the next day I will likely clear a 11x11 flat plot and form a 3x3 area in the center of that plot which is then used to plant a single oak sapling. This I call "The Tree Of Life" which can be considered a "Tech". But only when the plot was completed and the game time reached 6am, would I be able to "Claim" the "Tech" and that is when I actually allow myself to plant the tree of life... (Thus, I've gained that "Tech")

    So then when the tree grows, I allow myself to harvest all parts of it, however, I must clear the leaves away as well before I could replant it. And replanting this tree quickly is a must because this is the ONLY way to gain any wood. Now, if I completed my "Dirt Home", then I can wait for 6am game time again, then claim a "Tech" I call "Basic Wood Craft". Once claimed, I would be allowed to finally craft my crafting table which allows me the basic woods craft. This included wooden tools which compared to your fist, is a worthy achievement.

    So day 3 and I'm running around with very limited wood, wooden tools and continue on to build more things of importance such as small farms (Claim that tech), lumberjack mill (Claim that tech), stone miners (Claim that tech) and so on and so forth. The challenge is certainly there, surviving on limited gameplay.

    And to make things a lot more interesting and really pressure a challenge is to set the game on Hard (Because I feel Hardcore is too much at this point). Yet, any death will result in a tiny grave build with everything you had on you at the time buried with it. So you kind of start over, but not really because you still have your builds and "Techs".

    So... What do you think of such a game mode? Good idea or Bad? Would you play it?
    Because this is what I'll attempt to build next (Although very limited with Java)

    Thank you for taking the time to read all this... :)
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  2. Would be a nice spin on the original game. The only question I have is: what do I do while I wait to craft my crafting bench?
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  3. Well, your "Dirt Home" must be completed and the "Tree Of Life" harvested at least once which at that time you've done the requirements, but while waiting for the day to end or whatever, I usually find myself improving the land around my new home. One example would be creating a 2 dirt block tall wall around my home for more protection. Even detail it a little although not much can be done yet. Or clearing and locating suitable land for small farming plots, usually lakes. Either that or clearing plots to prepare for the more important builds such as lumberjacking in order to finally freely chop oak/birch trees and whatnot. Really depends on the area around you though, I've gone so many different ways...

    Can't claim more than 1 tech at a time, but could prepare the required builds/plots ahead of time

    But I never braved the night, always went AFK when night arrived. Because if I died in the game, I would have to start a new game. But that's just me, my personal choice. I've changed Days to last 30 minutes and Nights to last the normal 10 minutes since then.