Curious tablist | I've never seen anything like that before [PLS HELP]

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  1. Hey, guys, here's the deal: I found a server today that uses bungeecord, it looks like it does at first; there is a very "weird" tab list on this server that I would like to have, but I don't have a plan how to do it. It works as follows: When you are in the "Lobby" all players who are on the "Citybuild" are grayed out in the tab list and look like they are in gamemode 3, but when you are in the Citybuild it is the other way round. Maybe one of you knows how to do that. Thanks in advance.


    Code (Text):
    Version: 1.8.X-1.12.2
  2. It's probably a custom plugin they have, it's possible to add fake to the tab menu.
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  3. In what sense fake? And yes it is probably homemade so I want to find out how
  4. Fake as the actual player is not online on that spigot instance.
    It's probably possible to achieve the same result with but I'm not sure.

    The technical part is sending the tablist to the player depending on where he is, and as Bungee have access to all players accros network, bungee can add to the tablist players from another server but put their name in grey.
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  5. thx