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  1. I have this really cool idea that i would like to make custom advancements on my survival server
    using vanilla minecraft advancement gui its possible to add new advancements into that gui using datapack but i dont like using datapack and even making that large datapack with multiple advancements its not fun and takes time i would much rather do that with custom plugin it would be much easier and more fun to make but i cant find any mention anywhere about this and how it can be achieved if someone knows or find something please reply :)
  2. I know you're not necessarily a developer, and you might not have one linked to your server or want to pay one for development. But this I'd like to mention this resource anyway by @ZockerAxel, it's an API for creating custom enchantments, and it's super good.

    Just incase you will end up hiring a developer or similar. :)
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  3. How you can say that i'm not a developer you dont know a anythng about me
    But thanks for that api link that seems helpful :)
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  4. I can see that you are clearly wannabe developer and like to bully others who you think are not very good, but its wrong to assume. So please behave your self and leave the forum if thats so hard.
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  5. Look I'm sorry, but I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I'm not saying that he's not a developer, not all all! What I meant, is that he posted this in Spigot Plugin Help, and not Spigot Plugin DEVELOPMENT. This means to me, that's he's MAYBE not a developer, he isn't asking for help to make a plugin. He is asking for help to get the appropriate plugins. Therefore it would be wrong of me to post a link to an API if he isn't a developer, because it would be useless to him, you see? I'm not saying he's bad at anything, I'm saying that it might not be what he is looking for unless he's creating a plugin which the topic doesn't say he is. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just making sure OP understands why I'm posting something that doesn't directly answer his question.
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  6. Ye probably wrong section for him, but its wrong to assume anyways, if you are not sure you can ask, for me it seems like that he wants to make custom plugin him self. And spigot plugin help isnt very clear and i can see that he havent used spigot much.
  7. Thank you, but I still don't get what I'm "assuming" about him. I said
    That means maybe he's a developer, maybe he isn't. The point of that is to not assume anything lol.
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