1.12.2 Custom armour

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by AndrewChi, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. I'm trying to create wearable clothes within the game. The best way to achieve this at first glance is to use a custom item model with damaged diamond chestplate/other item, but unfortunately the client will simply ignore that and just render the diamond armour.

    The other option is to use Optifine and replace the texture of the armour itself based on the damage value of the item. This gets me closer to what I need, but I need something of much higher resolution and if you can't change the model, then this rules out that option I think.

    Some threads on here have posts suggesting the spawning of 4 armour stands per player and then teleporting those armour stands on each movement. This does not seem very feasible, especially if I am trying to avoid lag, may be dealing with geographically distant players - let alone having to calculate the rotation of the armour stand.

    So, I guess the final option is to use skins. However, this has the limitation of being in such low resolution. I am happy to generate and apply skins on-the-fly based on the clothing items of a player, but is there a way of getting the custom skins to be of higher resolution?

    My server version itself will be 1.12, but if there's been changes in newer versions that may make this easier then I'm all for updating.


    - The goal: Trying to make wearable clothing, ideally 3d and using custom item models. It needs to be of fairly high resolution.
    - Armour stands and teleporting them is not feasible
    - Cannot make custom armour models, even when using Optifine
    - Skins is the next best solution, but it appears to be limited at a certain resolution. Is there any way of 'hacking' a higher resolution onto skins?
    - Are there any other solutions? I anticipate I will be working with at least a hundred different clothing items.