Custom Blocks (No Armor stands)

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  1. Does anyone know how the plugin linked below could have a custom block without Armor stands
    or entities at all, I can not seem to work out how they have done this.

    This plugin also allows for custom armor which again I am not sure how is possible, any insight would be GREAT
  2. Any idea how even with resource pack.
    I only need 1 or 2 custom blocks on server so installing that big plugin seems useless
  3. After a short google I found one way on doing it is using a monster spawner and armorstand holding the item for doing blocks as found here.
  4. Thank you, I was aware of this method, the linked plugin in original post claims to do it without, after some Google myself seems player heads maybe solution
  5. In 1.14 Mojang added the “custommodeldata” tag. This tag allows you to specify an integer as it’s value.

    You can add items by extending a existing item and just giving it a new integer.

    In your code you should give it the previously used integer as custommodeldata and that’s it. The item you just created will still be of the type that you have overriden but it will have a new look without deleting the original item.

    You can keep doing this for every integer so almost infinite items can be added
  6. This works perfectly, for items, however I am asking about blocks, without armour stands.
    I have found this which seems to
    use players heads and some datapack stuff, however I know nothing about datapacks so am not sure how to even read these to convert to code
  7. As far as I know this method also applies to blocks. The items were just an example.
  8. It does not, the custom model data is just for the item in hand, it does not apply once a block has been placed
  9. Ah that might be correct I was talking about the items of blocks my bad.

    I still am convinced that given the right NBT tag value is set the block will appear exactly as in your hand.
  10. Blocks by default have no NBT Tag. Only TileEntities have NBT. And Chest/Sign and some other Blocks with more data that a type only have TileEntities.
  11. Oh interesting, then I am curious as how to display this custom item as a block aswel.
  12. sooo anyone know how to do this no datapacks then....
  13. I suggest using WAILA on server with this plugin, this way you can see which blocks they actually use. They probably somehow assign different textures to every different block state.
  14. I tried something similar seems to be andersite that is re-textured but I can't work out how, looked at datapack and it seems to do some magic with replacing the andersite with a player head that has a scaled of 2.01