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    NoJoinMessage - Simple no join message

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  2. Seems nice :), but essentials can do this now, and everyone uses that :p
  3. Oh sorry havent seen xD thank you
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought default spigot had this option in their settings file?
  5. Someone has said this to me but im not sure and with the new update that it hides player death message im not sure if essentials can do that and this can kinda help people that arent to much into configs etc
  6. Code (Text):

            public void onJoin(PlayerJoinEvent e) {
  7. I was just going to make that statement :p
  8. Its a very easy plugin i know
  9. It's somewhere to start but maybe you could expand it into something more advanced. I taught myself how to develop one step at a time so maybe you can implement more features like a custom chat formatter and the ability to edit join and leave messages? Just a suggestion to help challenge your development and learn something new!
  10. Well thank you for your suggestion i was hoping to do something a bit advanced with it but just wasent sure what to do so thats why i added the death message remover
  11. Thank you very much
  12. Add some features like:

    No join messages for certain groups?
  13. Thanks for that ill try add that in the next update
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  15. Done i added more :) and ill be trying to add groups soon!
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