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  1. Can someone make me a plugin for crate keys like archon. I have made most of the code but it keeps compiling with errors and in game the commands. I mainly think its the plugin.yml add me on skype BiastGamingYT for some of the code. I prefer skype because the code has too many charchters to post here

    name: Crates
    main: me.BiastGaming.crates.PRP_Main
    version: 1.0
    author: BiastGaming
    description: This description is a stub.

    description: This is base for crate command
    usage: /crate key <type> give <player> <ammount>
    aliases: [tmpl1]
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  2. Post your code here
  3. I dont want anyone to steal it lol
  4. Well, show us the plugin.yml and the errors.
  5. Ok it has no errors it just doesnt enable
  6. Don't ask for help if you don't want to give (pieces of) your code. All who answer in this board are perfectly capable of producing such plugins on their own. Don't be afraid of potential 'code theft'.
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  7. You said that it might be something to do with the plugin.yml, show us that.

    Also as Arjan said, if you want help you must be willing to provide pieces of your code, that is the only way we can help.
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    If your code doesn't work, then why would someone want it?
  9. Add on skype for the whole codeas it has too many charchters to post here
  10. Did you write this code all by yourself?
  11. Yes But there is an error but I dont know where it is I have a co author though
  12. Does the plugin not
    Post a pastebin?

    Also, if you know there is an error, try find it.
  13. no it dont enabl
  14. Is this how you structured the plugin.yml? If not, try it like this.

    Also, do you have another plugin with the same name or package name?
  15. nope
  16. private KeyType(String str, String nm, Rewards rwds, String string2, Rewards rewards) {

    The constructor takes 5 objects, however the enums have 3 objects in them?