Spigot Custom Drops Editor - [1.13 - 1.16] - Easy to use, hard not to want! 5.5.2

A very intuitive plugin to add custom drops for 1.13 to 1.16, plus many more useful options!

  1. cubitoverde updated Custom Drops Editor - [1.14] - Easy to use, hard not to want! with a new update entry:

    Worldly freedom!

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  2. I finished the update earlier than expected, so that problem is fixed now.
    Thank you for your patience! :)
  3. Hi bro, all work very good, excellent work pal, but how can i remove the message of "Chance: (the % change what i put)" cuz every kill send that message and it flood the chat. Have a great night, and thanks for plugin!
  4. Omg I cant believe I forgot to remove that. I feel so dumb.
    I added that message to test that the chance worked correctly, but then I forgot to remove it.
    Sorry for the troubles, the new version fixes that! :)
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  5. Veo que hablas español :p jajaaj no te preocupes suele suceder, y por una cosa mínima no pasa nada, muchísimas gracias, sigo insistiendo muy buen plugin!! lo seguiré probando y cualquier cosa te aviso :D
  6. Jaja, me alegro muchísimo de que te guste! Si tienes cualquier sugerencia, dímelo e intentaré añadirla si es posible :)
  7. The latest updates have changed the way it reads the config - Drops that were 100% are now 7%... ?
  8. What on earth, I'm very confused, this should not happen.
    In some cases it may be possible that the chances went down to 10% when switching to the 1 in 10.000 precission update, but under no case should what you just said happen :(
    If you have any more information, could you tell me about it so I can investigate the issue? Sorry about the problems it may have caused!
  9. I will shortly release a fix for this that will hopefully fix it without having to manually change everything
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  10. cubitoverde updated Custom Drops Editor - [1.14] - Easy to use, hard not to want! with a new update entry:

    Fixing some important bugs

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  11. Looks very interesting and easy to use, would be sweet if you add MythicMobs support down the road
  12. Thank you for the comment!
    I have thought about adding that, but mythicmobs is such a complex plugin and I am still only getting started with plugin creation, that I doubt I would be able to add that.
    Maybe in some time when I learn more, I may consider adding it, but it's not a plan for the near future because I simply lack the knowledge to work with such a complex plugin.
    Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the plugin!
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  13. No worries, that's what i meant with down the road. Learning how to implement an api etc and all that. No rush, you already know more than me :D
  14. As you all can see, I finally managed to update it and be able to add drops to blocks! Hurray!

    However, just like the early phases of mob drops, these early phases of this implementation will probably have some bugs. If you find one, make sure to report it and I will fix it as soon as I can! :)