Custom Enchants On Books ? Quick Help ! Please

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  1. I am just wondering, as ive seen it on other servers e.g. Cosmic Pvp, that you can have custom enchants on books. You then click the book with the mouse then whilst its on your curser you click the tool you want the enchant on, you then have a possibility of having it on the tool or destroying the tool. Does anyone know this plugin or one that is similar ??
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    Custom enchants, or enchants altogether?
  3. latiku


    Using a plugin that hooks into your custom enchants plugin.
  4. yes please , so for example if you have the Gears Enchant then i am wondering if you can get this as a book then place it onto a pair of boots
  5. I am still looking ... please help
  6. im looking for the same thing!
  7. @vk2gpz did you have something like this?
  8. you can use EnchantmentBook and EnchantmentBookTool. They supports vanilla enchantment book as well as all custom enchants in TokenEnchant and/or any other custom enchantments plugins (such as custom enchant, customenchantapi,etc. ) as long as they use item's lore to register enchantments.

    I haven't made something equivalent to Tinkerer but that won't be difficult make because you just need to reverse the process of EBTool->EB->TokenEnchant/enhcant
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