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  1. So I've decided to make a pretty large custom enchants plugin and wanted some community feedback on what enchants I should add, this enchants plugin will have an integrated API and maybe a JavaDoc for it. I'll also have a few events including but not limited to "PlayerEnchantItemEvent" and "PlayerEnchantActivateEvent" and a couple more if the community wants it.

    I'm willing to add almost any enchant if wanted, these enchants would of course have a feature turn on and turn off boolean in the config and I'm very lost on ideas for enchants to add to this plugin or features that the plugin would have, so far I've thought up a pretty nice way to apply enchants to an item and will also have a method in the api for overriding my method, I will also allow the other devs to add enchants if wanted as well as a method to get an "enchant item" as well as setting the item for it rather it be a book or a nether star etc.

    If you have any ideas for enchants that I could add to this plugin please post them in this discussion with a breif description on to what it does, if I like the idea or feel it should be added I'll add it to the list I'm going to put in a spoiler, thank you everyone in advance and I hope you all have some insightful ideas to post, if you just want to bash on me or this thread please find the red "x" that most likely exists on your browser.

  2. I find this plugin pretty interesting, but I have 2 suggestions as well.
    1. there would be some sort of a way, such as a command (the command can be like /removeench) that opens a gui with all custom enchants on the item and you can remove them and retrieve the enchant item back.
    2. in the config file there would be something such as this:
    Code (Text):
      #Here you can set as many rank type thinges as to how many enchants can the player have
      Vip: 7 #and then if a player has a permission such as <your plugin>.MaxEnch.Vip which allows him/her to have up to 7 enchants
      Vip+: 10 #if a player then has more than one permission then the one with the largest number overrides.
    Now that is over here is a couple enchants I thought of:
    Blizzard: When a player hits another player there is a chance all players around him start getting pushed away from him, the higher the level the higher the force.
    Head Hunter: Explains itself, player has a chance to behead other players.
    Angrybirds: Has a chance to shoot a player in the air and 1 of the following would happen:
    - Victim set on fire
    - Victim explodes
    Death Rise: Zombies spawn around Victim
    Vampire: Victim's health starts to decrease for 3 seconds while the player heals for 3 seconds at the same rate (higher level = longer duration)
    Well that's all I can think off, I kind of suck at enchantments.
  3. I'll add the first feature as optional and for the max-item-enchant I'll just make it "<plugin>.maxenchants.<number of enchants>" which will be much better, if they have * permissions or "<plugin>.maxenchants.*" then they won't have a limit. I'll also add a permission to the opening of the GUI to read the enchants on the item, I'd also need a page system for that considering some items could have over 20 enchants based on how many I add, and I'd like to make the gui look nice.

    For the enchants, I think they're pretty interesting ideas, I'll think about them then make a decision soon, I'll edit this message to display my decision when I make it.