Bukkit Custom Enchants 1.13.4

This is a custom enchantment plugin with lots of cool features.

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    Custom Enchants - This is a custom enchantment plugin with lots of cool features.

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  2. Make a success rate and unsuccess rate + make it to get a enchant for the enchant roller it does a animation on a 1 row gui and you can pick from 1-9 to get a random enchant
  3. You cannot drag items into the other guis @jupdyke01
  4. Please be more specific for intance what do you mean other items?
  5. Btw i am working on the success/ failure rate right now
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    Version 1.3.1

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  7. Add it where the enchant colors can be configurable?
  8. I will be adding that very soon :)
  9. I'm sorry to ask but how do you apply enchants onto the gear from the book?
  10. If you go nto your inventory and right click your gear with a book it applies
  11. I love this plugin! But I seem to be having an issue with Absorb not applying to chestplates. Possible error?
  12. Let me check that out what version of plugin are you using and what version server
  13. Ok, so you are correct it does not apply now it is 5:23 am at my house so im going to sleep ill have the update out early in the morning ok?

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