Spigot Custom EnderChest 1.13.1

[1.7.10 - 1.16.3] Similar to popular EnderChest++ but with more features and up to date.

  1. I would like to add another suggestion to this :), to be able to open other player's enderchest even if they are offline, not sure if it will be possible to you tho.
    Another thing that I don't know why is it there and I don't like it that much, is the character limit for the enderchest title (32 including color codes currently). I mean, CHEST type GUIs don't have any cap for the characters on the title, and I don't see any reason of putting on your plugin a limit to the characters on the title... I was setting a title that even fits perfectly into it, but got cutted because of its color/format codes amount. If someone sets a really long title to it, there is no need to advice them, for logic reasons I'm guessing that he won't like that and he will make it shorter.
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  2. So how can I import from MySQL to FlatFile? I can see you setup Flat to SQL but not in reverse
  3. I've experienced problems with this resource. I'm not sure where to report this so I'll just put it here.

    One of my players has repeatedly reported items missing from their CustomEnderChest. Upon investigation, what appears to happen is at some point during their session the size of their ender chest gets recorded as 0 (zero), at which point they can continue to use the ender chest as normal but container changes do not appear to be written to their flat file.

    If they log out and back in (which happens frequently due to a connection problem on their end, ISP issue) they are presented with the last contents recorded.

    The affected player has the same permissions (managed by LuckPerms) as all other players.

    I do not have many players and this problem and it is only happening to one person, but it is severe enough that I have removed the plugin to prevent further losses.

    The circumstances of this player's connection problems may help. What's happening is they are using a 5G cell ISP and seem to be randomly switched between two towers. When this happens they receive a second IP address and appear to be logging in from a second location. My theory, since this is only happening to this particular player, is that CustomEnderChest isn't handling this situation well and something weird happens to erroneously zero out the size of their ender chest.

    I hope this helps. It may be a very rare circumstance, but dealing with this problem as a server admin has been fairly frustrating.
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  4. I'm getting the same error as the guy above me, I mean, I can't confirm that it happens "at some point during the session of anyone", but I can confirm that it happened to me. I can also tell that this might be an error that you can probably get when you update to a newer version of this plugin without renewing the entire CustomEnderChest folder.
    So my Enderchest size was recorded at 0 on my playerdata for no reason, and caused to never update nor save my info of my enderchest.
    I solved this error by removing my enderchest data on the "playerdata" folder, but hope this is a permanent solution and doesn't happen again, otherwise I will have to saddly refuse from using this plugin on my server.
    @TaeganRiles sorry for pinging you, but this post might help you probably.
  5. @brunyman

    Do you think it is possible to increase the enderchest capacity to more than 6 lines?
    I would have liked to further expand the player storage area. Thank you for your information!
  6. This plugin is literally broken, players can arbitrarily duplicate items by logging in and out.
    DO NOT USE version under or equals to 1.13.0, it contains duplication bugs since 1.12.2 or older.
  7. Thanks for the information, sorry for not replying sooner. I did try deleting the affected player's flat file first time the bug happened. It didn't help.

    I've switched my server to EnderContainers which offers more features and an author that is active on Spigot and Github.

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  8. repare su complemento bro
  9. Hi, seems like a nice plugin. Only I can't get it to work over bungee. every time I switch server it doesn't sync. If I use "MySQL Player Data Bridge" then syncing works, but once I install CEC it breaks the sync. Are those 2 plugins supposed to work together? I've tried only using CEC, but that hasn't helped either, still doesn't sync.
  10. double enderchest problem >:
  11. hey when i Disabled the access to the elder chest from the newer chest he’s self I can still enter the chest but the default one how I disabled it so I can’t get to the ended chest besides the command ?
  12. there is the doubling items issue any way to fix?
  13. I need help . items inside the custom enderchest sometimes disappear
  14. Make ec command your ec will be opened not that it is a help command.

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  15. Can I run this mod on a sponge server?? If no can you make a Version so I can do it. Please answer ASAP!!!!!
  16. bukkit/spigot plugins won't work on Sponge.

    And don't expect people to be at your beck-n-call at a moments notice, learn patience, it ill help you in the end