Spigot Custom EnderChest 1.13.1

[1.7.10 - 1.16.3] Similar to popular EnderChest++ but with more features and up to date.

  1. Bad plugin. Doubling items.
  2. Elaborate? Kinda explaining what happens can help get it patched instead of being super vague and just saying bad plugin
  3. I am having an issue where sometimes items get deleted when they get put in their Ender chest? It seems to happen after you log out after using it, once the player relogs that item they just placed in is gone. I am testing how long you need to wait before relogging now, but time is def part of it. It is very rarely happening. I am using this plugin alone without SQL bridge... I didn't realize there were so many issues, are there plans to fix these?
  4. Update, waiting 5 mins seems to let it stay, it must be quite quick that you have to log out.
  5. work on 1.16.5 ?
  6. yes