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  1. Hey all,
    this resource is a kinda simple resource that allows you to register custom entities and override spawn for them.
    You can find the resource here on GitHub

    Here an example on how to use it (Included in the GitHub repo).
    Code (Java):

    public final class ExampleCustomEntity extends EntityPig
        private static CustomEntityType<ExampleCustomEntity> entityTypes;
        public static void register()
            entityTypes = CustomEntitySaver.registerEntity("example_custom_pug", CreatureType.PIG, ExampleCustomEntity.class, ExampleCustomEntity::new, true);

        public ExampleCustomEntity(World world)

         * This is very important to override, otherwise your entity won't be saved and reverted to a vanilla one.
         * @return The custom EntityTypes.

        public EntityTypes getEntityType()
            return entityTypes.getNMSEntityTypes();
    It is very important that you override the Entity#getEntityType method otherwise your entity won't be saved on restart and will be replaced by a vanilla entity.

    N.B.: This won't allow you to replace the spawn of mob inside structure unfortunately since they are hardcoded.

    Unfortunately, I haven't got much time to add more docs and/or create a maven repository for this, might to it in the future.

    I've also added a method to allow you to revert the spawn to vanilla mobs.
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  3. I won't bump this resource too much. I would like some feedback though or if someone has a better way / I have forgot something.
  4. Yes, it's very infortunate :(
    Tip: you can override the vanilla entity spawn by cancel it and summon your entity at the good location

    Edit : your resource is very useful. Thanks you to share it with the community :D

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