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  1. Hey, I need to code a StartKick Plugin.
    So I created a Custome Event that brodcasts "Should the player ... be kicked?"
    Now I need to code a voting with /yes and /no. But I need that the event ist holding on 60 sec. to create thath voting can someone help me?
  2. Not meaning to be rude, but can you talk clearer?
    I can't seem to understand what you are attempting to do.
    I understood that you are coding a StartKick plugin. But what do you mean by StartKick plugin? When they log in give people a choice on whether they should be kicked? Or is it through a command then you start the event?
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  3. I believe this is a vote kick plugin
    Create list<UUID>
    create int score
    Create a command /votekick <player/y/n>
    y/n means yes or no. Since Minecraft usernames can’t collide with single character args.
    Make bukkitrunnable runtasklater and get the score. If it’s a certain % of the online players then kick player
  4. its made through a command
  5. So the command starts the "event", I've learnt from here too that you might aswell code your own /yes and /no commands out for it to do what you want. This is if you are making the vote kick work via json and click text, otherwise I'm sure this one will work better