Custom Farmland Click event

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Florim, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Hello, i'm starting with a new drugs plugin, but i've got a question about it, i'm using AdditionsAPI to create 'new' custom items, but as material i can't use seed cause it just doesn't works, i was now wondering if i would change it to someting like a DIAMOND_HOE and then do something with the PLayerClickEvent on farmland so it's see's the DIAMOND_HOE (with a specific lore) as a seed and plants it, if i could do that i can then change the textures of the wheat growth stages so i looks like a weed farm. Thanks already for reading
  2. Whats the question question? Are you coding something? If yes, this is the wrong section but yes, this is totally possible. If no, I don't think such plugin already exist.
  3. Yeah im coding a drugs plugin, but i'm now struggling on this weed item, i can't set the material to SEED so i could plant it so i've now put it to diamond_hoe wich works fine, but my quistion now was how i can make it so my plugin detects if someone with a diamond_hoe with a specific lore right clicks on farmland, that it will plant like a seed.

    ^^ My code now of the item (it's dutch btw)
  4. PlayerInteractEvent: if item in main hand is your custom diamond hoe and the action == right_click_block and the block is a farmland -> get the block on the of the farmland and set its type to a seed block