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  2. I would also love to know how close I was to this working.
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  3. I know that this doesnt help with anything in the development of your plugin, but i am making a skript gui for your plugin, cause i found out there were more items in the plugin that actually didnt have any change to get them via the inbuilt commands. ( it will give the item when clicking on it in the gui )
  4. Well due to no needed use and no real use for them, I have removed most of them, but If you would like to contribute to the new version, contact me, I would love to have you as a contributor.
  5. I am not really a java dev, same with skirpt. Ive mostly stiched this "plugin" together with some examples from other skripts, like the clickable gui part and so.
  6. Be careful doing that, you could get in trouble.
  7. Bump? still no response from anyone so.
  8. I know, im taking examples, not copy-pasting them in. Well, rewriting it in a different skript is sort of copy-pasting too, but the thing is, the end result is going to be 200% different.
  9. Still, but can you help or not
  10. Well, help with what? I said i dont know anything from java. The only thing i could do is make a skript addon for your plugin to give the items.