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  1. I was wondering if there is a plugin out there that will allow you to change the effect of a golden apple since i really wanted to add water breathing but can't find the right plugin for it

    Thanks for reading
  2. really simple to make.

    if noone else posts a plugin that can do this, i'll write it for you.
  3. That would be sorry helpful, if you could
  4. sorry helpful :p

    I'll write it, just give me about 15 minutes.
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  5. about done, just testing it now.

    kay, done. @Danny_L

    CustomGapple.use (required to get the features of the plugin)
    CustomGapple.notify (for staff, to be notified about config errors)

    The config may seem a little confusing at first, but its pretty simple.
    its from a previous plugin of mine, it provides for a very expandable plugin.

    tested on Java 7/Java 8 on Spigot 1.8.3
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  6. I found 2 problems,

    1) If my players eat a gapple it will not remove the gapple they ate so they basically have unlimited gapples. (With and without permission)

    2) The durations, If i put "WITHER:120:1" it will somehow be 5 seconds and that is with almost all effects

    For the rest the plugin works fine
  7. oh, right, sorry.
    I will get a fix for the first one, just a second.

    as for #2, I forgot to mention that all times are in ticks.

    1 second = 20 ticks
    so if you want the potion to last for 30 seconds

    oh and next time, tag me in the post.
    I wasn't aware you commented on this thread.

    In your comment, just type @Cewlt.
    or quote one of my posts.

    Fixed DL:
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  8. Thank you and I found another bug @Cewlt.
    Since its for a gapple server this bug is kinda a huge problem.

    1) Normally when you eat a gapple and eat another one 10 seconds ago the new one will refresh the effects and refill them, with this plugin you can gapple and it works but when you gapple and still have some of the effects enabled it doesnt restore them.

    example: I gapple 20 seconds later i gapple again it only restores the effects that were gone not the ones that were on 0:03.

    Expect from this i love the plugin, Thank you so much!
  9. oh, yep, easy fix.
  10. Sorry for asking too much @Cewlt. but now the gapple doesnt restore hunger :(
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  11. @Cewlt It still doesnt restore hunger
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  12. @CewIt does the link work and etc? Outdated? Cause I plan on using it