1.16.5 Custom GUI

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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me how to make a custom gui like this? (I know this is done with a texture pack but I don't know how to use it in code)
  2. custom font inventory titles using unicode
  3. And how can I use it to make a plugin out of it?
  4. use Bukkit#createInventory to create a inventory and set title
    Inventory inventory = Bukkit.createInventory(player,54,"\ue300")
    \ue300 being your custom unicode image as title
  5. thanks man
  6. yw i have a smililar custom inventory in my cosmin plugin that uses unicode chars :p
  7. Hey, don't you know what size an image has to be to put it on the tablist and if it needs a different unicode formatting?
  8. Formatting for unicode will remain same weather its for tablist,scoreboard,actionbar,bossbar etc etc and for size there is no formula for that you have to play with it and tinker the height and ascent according to your needs
  9. what if I only need it for the tablist and player names?
  10. Hey guys Im trying to implement this by puting the bitmap Unicode in the title of the inventory by I can't find a way to shift the img to the left, I would like to cover the whole inv.

    ### Edit
    I found a custom font that allows negative space so yeah I've got it working
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