Spigot Custom Heads Command [1.17.1] 2.0.0

A plugin that adds a command to get a custom player head

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    Custom Heads Command - A plugin that adds a command to get a custom player head

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  2. How do you set the payment type to none in the config?
  3. If you set "amount" to 0, it will not require any payment.
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  4. Thanks for adding that.
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  5. Maybe add Vault support?
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  6. That's a good idea. I'm working on a new version so hopefully that'll be in the next release.
  7. Please remove the copy of bukkit/spigot api from the jar file you upload. This increases the file size unneccessarily and significantly and might create compatibility problems.
  8. I apologize for not doing anything about this sooner. I had no idea what I was doing when I made this plugin, but I understand it a lot better now. This new release should fix this issue.
  9. No need for apologizing. Maybe my english used too harsh wording.
    There is nothing wrong about you not having time, motivation or did other activities.
    Everyone starts with the basics.
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